Family Hotel: Renovation & love story match-3 game


Family Hotel: a plot-driven​ ​match-3 game​ with new mechanics, memorable characters and  exciting side-quests. ​​Build a hotel​ ​of your dreams and enjoy ​​romantic story​ ​happening in front  of your eyes!   
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November 13, 2020
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“Family Hotel: Renovation & Love Story” is a popular mobile game that combines elements of match-3 puzzle gameplay with a romantic and narrative-driven storyline. In this game, players follow the adventures of Emily, the main character, as she works to restore her family’s old hotel to its former glory while navigating a love story.

Key features of the game often include:

  1. Match-3 Gameplay: The core of the game involves solving match-3 puzzles, where players swap and match items (typically colored tiles or objects) to complete objectives, such as clearing a certain number of tiles or collecting specific items.
  2. Renovation Tasks: As players progress through the story, they are tasked with renovating and decorating various rooms and areas within the hotel. This aspect of gameplay often involves choosing designs, purchasing furniture, and customizing the hotel’s appearance.
  3. Narrative and Romance: “Family Hotel” incorporates a storyline that unfolds as players progress. Emily’s love story is interwoven with the renovation tasks and other challenges she faces, creating an engaging narrative experience.
  4. Characters and Relationships: Players interact with a cast of characters, including potential love interests, as they make choices that can influence the course of the story and relationships.
  5. Boosters and Power-Ups: Like many match-3 games, “Family Hotel” may offer power-ups, boosters, or special moves to help players complete challenging levels more easily.
  6. In-Game Currency: Players often earn or purchase in-game currency and resources to buy furniture, boosters, and other items needed for the renovation and gameplay.
  7. Social Features: Some games in this genre allow players to connect with friends, send gifts, or visit each other’s virtual hotels.

Please note that the specific details and features of “Family Hotel: Renovation & Love Story” may vary based on updates and versions of the game, as mobile games often receive regular updates and improvements to gameplay and content. This description is based on the general concept of games in this genre as of my last knowledge update in September 2021.

What's new

- Chapter 60 is available! The threate of the virus is decreasing ! ???????? But... Is there another reason for panic? ???? Update now!

- Share your opinion. We listen to every review to make our game more enjoyable.

- Family Hotel's story is just beginning. Every day we correct mistakes and make the game better for you to love.


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