How to download, install APK, APKs and APK with OBB files

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Every one have doubt about What is an APK? Why we MOD the Android application or game?. Why you want to install apps, game or MOD?, why you must use the MOD application?. Now this content to clear doubts from Android. Should you read and know about problems to how solve the problems.


1. About APK

What is an APK?

APK is an defined by ” Android application package”. If you install APK files on your phone, Android application installer was used in operating system. APK is a ZIP based archive, but archives based on JAR format data with .apk extension. So Android application called by APK file.

Why need APK?

  • Now a time, increased Android users. Many users try to experience lots of games and apps in mobile. Lot’s of Android games and apps has been available at Google Play. You want any application download from Google Play with protected.
  • Some of applications are blocked by Google Play and restricted in countries. If you are interested in blocked and restricted apps, Download that application from our site.
  • If you don’t install Google Play and don’t download from Play store.
  • Installing application in our site, Also our sites provides paid applications with infringe copyright.

What is obb?

OBB is additional extended data for Android games.Some games need to more work, OBB while help to expose more works. For example, Free fire have APK package and OBB file. If you don’t need Google Play for download OBB file for package. Because, APKEase provide APK files with OBB files. So you don’t need to find and get OBB.

What is APKs?

Every application have released to Google play by Application bundle, but Google Play make new format APK to share anymore. It will replace as APKs.

If you install our APKs normal way, follow our instructions to install the application package. Installation instructions below on article.

2. Guides

Allow installing third-party apps on your device

If you want to install game or application for your device, must you allow install third- party permission on your phone. After it will be installed on device.

complete these steps to Settings > Privacy > and select Unknown sources. After you install and use our MOD application on your device.

Install an APK

Installing APK file is like a eating cake. First download application package on our site. You see download notification then click and install application on your device.

This video will shows, How to download and and install APK file from APKEase.

Installing APK with OBB data

In case you install application have obb, following these steps to complete it:

  1. Download APK from APKEase and install the package (don’t open the APK file after installation)
  2. Next download OBB file then extract the OBB zip file.
  3. Copy the extracted file to /SDCARD/Android/Obb folder.
  4. Now go to open the application and it will successfully running on your device!

For example, In case you download PUBG Mobile APK from our site, you will need these requirements:

  1. Download the PUBG Mobile APK from APKEase and install (Don’t open the APK after installation)
  2. Download the OBB ( and unzip the zip file using zip file extractor, after extraction you get the com.tencent.ig folder.
  3. Copy the com.tencent.ig folder to /SDCARD/Android/obb
  4. Checking the full path of .obb file look similar to the following path: /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.tencent.ig/
  5. After you paste the obb folder to correct path, just open the PUBG Mobile APK and start fight in battle grounds!

3. Common problems when installing APK

1. Error “app not installed”

Follow these instructions to know about problem and solve methods :

a) If you get this error from installing application, may you have delete another application (already installed on phone) try our app install. Please uninstall already installed app.

b) Also, may be it will be blocked by Google Play protect for restrictions reason. So please turn off this feature from Google Play app.

c) This error was may be occur by device not support. Because some device have low configuration. So you cannot install some application.

d) If you done all of these kind above, still you cannot solve problem via install APK, try restarting your mobile and after try it.

2. Error “Download failed because may not have purchased this app”

This errors occures with application contains have OBB file. In this problem you seen, if you forgot to place the OBB file on folder.

Then if you copied OBB and paste it correctly, you got still error? try Google Play original OBB version. Then install Original APK only after install our site APK and paste the original OBB on folder again!

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